Youth: a passion project

A passion project of a poetry book with original poems.

Timeline & Deliverables

October 17th, 2021 - December 12th, 2021

  • Front and back cover designs

  • Photos of the finished product

  • Original Poetry


The mood board kicked off this project. I took inspiration from other existing poetry books on the market. I chose to run with a pink colour scheme because pink represents youth (the title and theme of the book) and the imagery of flowers, because they also, represent youth in many cultures.


I wanted to make some of the pages really innovative with some concepts that I have never seen done in poetry before. The pages not only are innovative but impactful, as well.

Final Thoughts

I have always dreamed of creating a poetry book because poetry is one of my favourite artforms. I find that many poetry books follow the same formula when it comes to design, so figuring out a solution that would make mine stand out from the rest was fulfilling and effective. To summarize, successful project that I hope to expand on.

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