Two-Bite Original

A passion project, redesigning the logo and packaging for Two-Bite Original.

Timeline & Deliverables

October 3rd, 2021 - December 5th 2021

  • Complete logo redesign

  • Die-lines of new packaging for 3 flavours of their cupcakes

  • Promotional AR Instagram filter


To ensure the branding for this company would fit the target audience and stand out next to all the other cupcakes found in the grocery store, plenty of competing brands’ packaging was reviewed. In addition, a mood board of inspiration for the logo and the packaging was created to help identify the the general look and feel I was going for.


In addition to some of the inspiration that’s included here, I began sketching different logo variations, the plan for the packaging, and the promotional advertisement as well.

Final Thoughts

This project features drastic improvements and additions to the brand. It really pushes my boundaries and showcases a lot of my different skills in different areas. I got to try new things and work in softwares that I have never worked in before, giving me one more thing to put on my experience list. This assignment is big, bold, and professionally done.

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