Art Dump.

A place for all my honourable mentions.

A poster with an illustration of a man laying on a light green table next to a poster roll.A bunch of fact sheets with an illustration of an old man laid out in rows on a grey table.An open book with an image of a girl wearing a blue mask on the right with the title "Expressing the Unspoken". The right page is just textA hanging infographic poster in front of a marble wall. The infographic reads "Canadian Oil and Gas"A blue poster leaning against a poster tube on a grey table that reads "The CityBug"A white t-shirt on a bright blue table with "The CityBug" logo on the top right next to the sleeve. A billboard in the sky with a Playstation ad campaign on it that reads "Get out of this world and into ours"A horizontal ad hanging in a stand on a purple background. The ad reads "get out of this world and into ours"

Laura Malcolm